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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Rio Invitation Pink

Rio Invitation Pink

Color flows on this brilliant invitation! Striking shades of lipstick make your wording stand out on a bright white background.
Invitation Size: 7 1/4" x 5 1/8"
Enclosure Size: 4 7/8" x 3 1/2"

• Ensemble prices include card invitation, blank, bright white inner envelope, bright white outer envelope with printed return address, reception card, respond card, and printed respond envelope
• Verse, imprint, background, lettering style and format available only as shown
• Respond envelope address and outer envelopes will be printed in flat black ink only

The spotlight is on the color lipstick and your wedding day wording.

$240.90 for 100

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Hydrangea Wedding Invitations

Hydrangea Wedding Invitations

Purple Hydrangea
A beautiful, purple hydrangea is the center of focus on this invitation alongside the verse of your choice.
7" x 7"

• Price include double, blank white envelopes of your choice.
• The verse will always be centered.
• Please check with your post office before mailing, as extra postage is required.

Purple Hydrangea
Perfect for a spring wedding, this invitation features a purple hydrangea!

$159.90 for 100

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Disney Wedding Invitations

Disney Wedding Invitations

Written in the Stars
Cinderella and Prince Charming are dancing the night away on this full color invite. Twinkling stars border a blue background where your wording will be printed.
7" x 7"
• Please check with your post office before mailing, as extra postage is required
• Envelopes will be bright white
• Return address available in black ink only
• Verse layout is only available flush left, as shown
• Flat imprint color available only as shown
• Production time is 5 working days

Written in the Stars
Just as the story of Cinderella and Prince Charming is written in the stars, so is your love!

$198.90 for 100

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Seal 'n Send Invitations

Seal 'n Send Invitations

Tropical Paradise
Share the experience of your island wedding with this Brownkraft seal 'n send invitation. This richly embellished invitation is printed on both sides with artwork reminiscent of your tropical wedding. Prices include a clear round seal, return address for both back flap and perforated respond postcard. Your invitation verse will always be printed in jumbo.

Tropical Paradise
Brownkraft seal 'n send invitation printed on both sides with tropical island artwork.


$150.90 for 100

Casual Wedding

Casual Wedding

Aisle Style
Spread the word in style!


$105.00 for 100

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Exclusive Collection II™

Exclusive Collection II™

Give your guests a sense of what's to come with this simply perfect invitation. A refreshing, glazed dandelion design adds a touch of whimsy to this tea-length card.
4" x 9 1/4"
• Envelopes for the Save the Date are not available printed.
• All envelope text will be flat printed, with the exception of gold ink which will be raised printed.
• Production time is 5 working days.
• Layouts and verses are available only as shown.
• Design on invitation and enclosures cannot be changed or removed and will always be in colors shown.

Whimsical dandelions adorn this tea-length invitation.

$212.00 for 100

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Paper Duvet Invitations

Paper Duvet Invitations

Chocolate Swirl Invitation
The prettiest pattern you've ever seen! Long, slender cards with tabs to hold tight a shimmering white invitation card. Matching chocolate swirl enclosure cards sold separately.
9 1/2" x 4"

• Price includes printed card, chocolate swirl base card, blank, double chocolate envelopes and clear, blank seals.
• Outer envelopes must be addressed horizontally to meet post office guidelines.
• Customer assembly required

The prettiest pattern you've ever seen! Long, slender cards with tabs to hold tight a shimmering white invitation card.

$180.90 for 100

Naturally Ever After™

Naturally Ever After Invitations

Pining Over You
A detailed image of a pinecone is printed in brown next to your wording on this ecru, non-folding invitation. Format is available only as shown.
8 1/2" x 5"

• Price includes printed invitation and blank, single envelopes.

· Gold Ink
· GOU Lettering
· Verse W8

These invitations are crafted on quality, recycled papers containing at least 30% post-consumer fibers.

Pining Over You

Recycled paper!

$170.90 for 100

Engraved Invitations

Engraved Invitations

European Flare Periwinkle
This imported invitation ensemble is soft and romantic. The invitation card features matching enclosures and envelopes. Your invitation and enclosure wording is engraved in white and available only as shown. The verses and imprint color cannot be changed in any way. This ensemble features an informal folder, respond and reception enclosures will be cards. The genuine engraving gives your invitation the ultimate in distinctive wedding stationery. Please allow 5 working days for your engraved invitations.
5 7/8" x 8" (Card Invitation)

Please Note: Due to the nature of this unique invitation format we are unable to present an online preview.

European Flare Periwinkle
A Card Invitation of Imported Signature Paper with a European Flare in Periwinkle.

$396.90 for 100

JeanM Invitations

Wrap Surprise
Surprise your guests with this wrap invitation! The unique wrap invitation will stun your guests with a beautiful floral swirl design accented with a satin bow to reveal your invitation inside. This invitation is made from 100 percent post-consumer fibers, is Green Seal Certified and created without the use of chlorine compounds. The colored wrap is made with 30 percent post-consumer fibers.
7 3/4" x 5 1/2"

• Price includes printed insert card, blank wrap, 22" pre-cut ribbon, and single blank white outer envelopes.
• Ribbons are available in silver, black, and white.
• Inner envelopes are not available.
• Tissues are sold seperately.
• Customer assembly required.

Wrap Surprise
Wrap your invitation for a beautiful reveal!

$289.90 for 100

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Invitation Sale

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Pocket invitations for wedding

Sentimental Hearts

Sentimental Hearts

A lovely bright white invitation card in a sheer translucent wrap features a matching entwined heart design, elegant, wedding, love, romance, double, embossed, pocket, pockets, pocket invites.


$198.90 for 100

Lovely Lavender

Lovely Lavender

A bright white invitation card wrapped in a lovely translucent floral pocket, elegant, wedding, love, romance, lavender, floral, flower, flowers, pocket, pockets.


$249.90 for 100

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

English Garden Theme Wedding

What a beautiful setting for a wedding, here are several ideas for you to share.
Locations for your wedding theme, Garden, Home, Historic Site, Country Inn.
Colors for your wedding invitations, Pink, Green, Lavender, Blue, Yellow, White.
Flower ideas for your garden wedding, Ivy, Lily of the Valley, Lilac, Rose, Iris, Hyacinth, Tulip.
Attire for your wedding party, Organza, Floral Arrangements, Wreath, Basket Bouquets.
Special Touches to add to make your wedding beautiful Trellises, Arches, Gazebo, White Chairs, Tent Reception, String Quartet, Statues.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ways to save money with your wedding invitations

Shop around for wedding invitations, many on-line retailers offer discounts, do not order the first one you see. For example, if you want to order the Carlson Craft Red Shimmer invitation, go on-line and input "red shimmer" in a search engine to see if another retailer offers it at a better discount. Order your wedding invitations early, if you wait until the last minute you will get "socked" in shipping charges. Order a light weight wedding invitation, a single panel is perfect, the card stock may be lighter and again save on money and postage. Use a single wedding font color such as black. Do you really need lined inner envelopes, I agree, they make the wedding invitation ensemble more formal, but they also add cost to the wedding package, skip the lined envelopes and add color instead with a colored font. Make sure your wedding guest list is up to date, is is always more expensive to order more invitations. Ask for help from your family in addressing the wedding invitation envelopes. My mother-in-law has beautiful handwriting and money was saved, I did not have to hire a wedding calligrapher. IF your wedding is small,. say 15 guests, invite them with a simple phone call.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Making your own invitations

Making your wedding invitations can be just as expensive as ordering printed invitations on-line. You start by going to the store and finding wedding cardstock that is suitable for your budget and your printer. Than you need to format the wording to be printed and print it on your cardstock. And don't forget you need to but the envelopes. This entire DYI wedding invitation ensemble can cost big bucks.
Here is your solution, order your wedding invitations printed, you can find 100 printed invitations for less than $50.00. Outer and inner envelopes are included and this saves you time and stress. On-line invitation proof is available.

wedding invitations

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Formal or Casual Wedding Invitation Wording

There is nothing wrong with formality, but it's just not you. You are looking for a more modern wedding invitation or perhaps even a casual wedding invitation with a beach wedding invitation theme. Or perhaps you are paying for this wedding and you want an invitation that reflects your independence.
Formal wedding invitation wording, there are some rules of wording
that are appropriate:

1. Spell out every word, even the date and year. Street, not St.
Road, not Rd.
2. Use Roman numerals in titles, such as Scott Edward Smith
III. Do not use "3rd" or "third".
3. For weddings in a church, say "request the honour of your
presence". For non-religious weddings, say "request the pleasure
of your company".
4. Write out full names. Do not use initials.

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